A Member Supported, Not-For-Profit Association

"The specific and primary mission of The Classical Singers Association (also known as the CSA), is to assist singers of opera and classical music to develop their performing and professional skills and to further their knowledge and understanding of a professional singing career." (excerpt from the by-laws of the association)

Originally founded in 1989 and re-organized in 1992, by Shigemi Matsumoto, (click on name for a direct link to her website), a singer with a long and distinguished professional career, the CSA has maintained a strong and enriching presence among classical singers throughout Southern California.  This one-of- a-kind association is financially self supported by its own membership dues and guest fees.  The President and Board of Directors act on a voluntary basis and serve without compensation. All monies raised are used to support the Association's variety of events.

Yearly, the number of members has exceeded 200, with a makeup of 90% representing singers, voice teachers and coaches, and the balance is made up of supporters of classical singers.  Members have come from throughout Southern California, and from all parts of the United States, Europe and Asia.  There are no special qualifications necessary in order to become a member of the Association.  Singers and non singers are encouraged to join.  Any person may become a member by completing the membership application and submitting it, together with the annual dues, to the office of the Association.

The annual dues are payable, in advance, beginning in July of each year.  Those members, who have not paid their renewal dues by the time of the first event of the new season, will be removed as an active member of the Association and shall no longer receive mailed event announcements.  Only paid up members will be allowed to participate in any of the Assocation's events.  However, any person, not a member of the Association, is welcome to attend any CSA event, upon paying a guest fee at the door (but the guest may not participate in the event).

Members desiring to participate in certain Association events may do so by a timely reply to the event's announcement.  The reply dates and times are identified within each event flyer.  In these events, participants shall be chosen on a first-to-respond basis and must be at a certain technical level.  A mailing, announcing the next Association event, shall usually be sent to all active members approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the event (timing may vary).

Be a guest at the next CSA event.  See for yourself!